Have you ever felt very extraordinary in your skin?

Open up to me.

If your heart’s pacing uniquely, let it open. Fire it away. Let it make the noise, the way it wants to beat.

The way it’s conditioned to beat. To be the extraordinary that lives in your soul. Silently, but fiery.

Let it be free, from chains of expression. From rhythm. From accuracy. From the art of articulating inner fires. Let it be transparent and breathtakingly open. For it to be a piece of art, you must let it feel you. Succumb to you. Colour you, find you. And heal you. Let no word interject the entirety of this sensation. For this moment is the extraordinary living beneath you; waiting for you to ignite it and thrive a light undeniably afire.

Pour open your heart as if the universe depends upon your rawness. Let it feel for an infinite moment so free in its captive nature. The emotions, the memories, the dooms, all the cracks and the open wounds, let them be.. Let the stories from these scars be so vulnerably invincible that make you believe in a higher power.

You are the higher power. Believe every word carved on your skin, like you’re a poem untamed. Believe it.

If your emotions flow up to your eyes, so breathtaking in their compulsion, and ask you to release them; do not fear where they came from.

They came from the flowers inside you that you forgot to tend to. The seeds you did not water. The pieces within that you left hindered and waterless. Wounds untouched. Believe me in the name of the sun and the nightfall; you breath a potentially blooming garden within you, rising from ashes. Once you take care of within, it will bloom in its entirety. The springs will burgeon into untamed suns, and you will never need a speck of fire to shine again. You have the power; the stars to kindle the infernos that so wilfully scorch within you. Let them flourish your art, crafted inside your scars. Miracles within yourself that you never found brave enough to pour life into.. you never found the courage to water them, grow them. So that they rise beyond you. But you are beyond.. beyond the universe; beyond everything.

Release them through your art.

This is how you bloom.

Breathtakingly, irreversibly.


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